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Compact Essenza

Linoleum xf²

Compact xf²

Linoleum xf²

Lai ja atraktiivne värvide ning mustrite valik, mis on saadaval erinevate paksustega, pakkudes xf² pinnakaitset äärmise vastupidavuse ja puhastamise ning hooldamise lihtsusega.

Laminate for the home


To help you find the perfect flooring, our designers have developed a whole new range of laminate flooring. Tarkett laminates authentically interpret the highest quality wood and stone finishes and also quite original patterns. They are available in a wide range of decors from realistic to artistic, and the choice of widths and lengths makes it easier than ever to create a striking floor design – right in the trend, right to your taste.

Laminate for high traffic


A specific offer dedicated to Stores and Shops and Hospitality applications. Thanks to a reinforced construction, the Welcome products offer top resistance - on top of the best seller decors. Welcome 1233 is specifically designed for the most demanding traffic areas.